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Omsi2 – Scania Touring

I present to you the Scania Touring intercity bus.The model is of average quality.There are various repaints. Specifications:Motor: Scania DC 13 115 410Max. Speed: 100 km / hSeats: 49 Transmission: Automatic


Omsi2 – Russian Outback Map V1.4

Fictional map of the Russian outback. Goes well on weak PCs. On the map there are 5 routes: 4 (11 km):1: Ylitsa Dekabristov (4) – Voskresenskoe Vyisadka2: Voskresenskoe – Dispetcherskaya (4) 10 (2 km):1: Ylitsa...


Omsi2 – Passcode for Paz 3205-07

Passcode for PAZ 3205-07 from Vitaly L. and Den Ushakov.Passcode for both models: 054-07 and 053-07, now buses accommodate 57 and 54 people respectively.In the archive, the passcodes themselves, for installation, put the contents...


Omsi2 – Volvo 7700A Facelift Bus

The bus is cured, and works without problems on the Russian OSThe patch comes with the model (sewn in) The bus is not designed to work as AI traffic Transmission: Automatic


Omsi 2 – Maz 104 Realistic Sound Mod

The patch replaces the sounds of MAZ-104.021, 104.025, 104.С21 and 104.С25 with more realistic ones. Installation: Extract the folder “MAZ-104” into the Vehicles folder with the consent to replace the files. Have a nice...


Omsi 2 – ZiU-6205-Lublin Bus

ZiU-6205-Lublin is a fictional modification of the trolley bus, which, allegedly, is operated in the city of Lublin. Features:– Added emu– New mask– Changed textures– Slightly changed sounds– Small changes in physics and more....


Omsi 2 – Regiobus i200 Add-On

This is an add-on for OMSI 2, combining suburban versions of the previously released Citybus i280 Series, as well as future suburban versions of the Citybus i260 Series. Regiobus i200 – a bus of...


Omsi 2 – Village Map V2.0

The Village (version 2.0) is a fictional map of the Russian outback for Omsi 2. The map is installed in a separate archive. The previous version of the map is not needed.The mod is ideal...