Omsi2 – Add-on München City Demo

The demo version of the OMSI 2 Munich add-on gives you a first look at the full complement. From the driver’s seat of MAN NG-313, you will get acquainted with the ring line 150 in Munich – route 4 km with 13 bus stops. This corresponds to 20% of the total route length in the full version. 
1. Routes 
A – Available to player 
150 (Ring Line) between Amalienstrasse and the North Central Station 
Shortened line due to the street festival on Ludwigstraße The 
bus turns through a side street (Amalienstraße) and returns to the central station; see network plan (attached) 
B – Ai routes 
Line 58 Central Station (North) – Silberhornstraße (as in full version)
Line 100 Central Station (North) – East Station (through the tunnel of the old city, bypassing Ludwigstrasse) 

2. Buses / repaints 
MAN NG-313 (articulated bus) incl. interior equipment in MVG design, ticket machine and indospore, incl. repainting: neutral, MVG IsarCard Abo, Adelholzener 
Solaris Urbino (4 doors, new): MVG Image, mnet 
MAN NL-202 (model from Spandau) with old repainting MVG (dark blue, repainting subcontractors from Autobus Oberbayern and Berger’s Reisen ) 
3. Bus stops 
9 individual stops, a total of 13 stops (three of them in both directions and the terminus at the central station) 
Total approx. 4 km route
The demo route corresponds to approximately 20% of the total route in the full version (100, 150, 153)

Authors: Olgu Cerit  Omsi2 – Add-on München City Demo Download

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