Omsi2 – Tuning Liaz-5256.53 Irkutsk version

Tuning for Liaz-5256.53 Irkutsk version. With numerous changes in appearance. Added a large number of collective farms – Toning, mudguards, curtains and also various stickers and pendants. Also this lyase had metal disks on wheels, route plates of Irkutsk, a KAMAZ steering wheel and other tuning elements. Maud goes along with the bus.
Gearbox: Automatic and mechanical

Authors: Автобус: Dhanny, Переделка: Armyanych и Bombila_31RUS 
File Details:  RAR / 125 MB
Omsi2 – Tuning Liaz-5256.53 Irkutsk version Download -

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