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Collective farm on Paz-4234 0.8 Omsi2

Includes:– The frontal route indicator is now at the top,– a radio tape recorder and speakers (not functional),– information for passengers,– a set for payment of travel (ticket office, validator, tickets) – tied to...


Baz A079 Odessa Tuning Omsi2

Tuning “Odessa” is a Baz from the city of Odessa. The tuning includes: Cab blinds,Beer box,New door sound,New braking sound,Sign,New textures, Alock on the gas tank flap (almost all classic minibuses) (4 screen),New passcode,And the...


Alpus 260S Omsi2

Rather quickly picking up speed. There are a dozen repaints and a removable farm. The trouble with rollbands is that there are almost no ready-made ones. Passcode for 70 people. Sounds good enough. Quite a pleasant model, but...


Laz A183 Rework Omsi2

List of changes:– New sounds recorded from real cars– New physics– Added the ability to apply textures to glass– Added a pack of 10 repaints– Other changes Gearbox : Automatic


Solaris Urbino 12 IV Omsi2

I am posting to you the patched version, without the requirement of the Metropole Ruhr addon.The archive contains a three-door version and a semi-low-floor version. Gearbox : Automatic


Bollore Bluebus SE Omsi2

Bollore Bluebus SE bus for Omsi 2. “Bluebus is a range of urban buses manufactured and marketed by the French Bolloré Group under the brand Blue Solutions since the end of 2015 with the...


Paz 4234-04 Bus V2.0 Omsi2

Paz 4234-04 bus for Omsi 2. What was done in this groove:– Fixed doors ( Rubber bands).– Added a new steering wheel (from 32054).– Added new tires.– Two types of caps (now they can be painted,...