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Omsi2 – NefAZ 5299-30-31

City bus NefAZ-5299-30-31 The model is equipped with an engine brand KAMAZ-820.61-260 Transmission VOITH, D 854.3E Automatic  Update: New repainting – Kerch License plate 82 region – Crimea Fixed camera driver’s view Stencil slot 2 types (Electric, Rolband )  Gearbox :...


Omsi2 – Small Farm for LAZ 695N 2.0

In short, what has been done on the LAZ. All the sawdust is made on the basis of the collective farm manhole from Ilya King in the public domain. So: 1) Steering wheel from Ikarus 2) Kolkhoz caps 3)...


Omsi2 – ZiU 6205

Trolleybus ZiU 6205, differences from the Internet versions: – Replaced overclocking sounds, with more realistic ones – Blue repainting  The launch instructions are in the screenshots. Routers unfortunately need to redraw in the paint itself.Gearbox : Automatic


Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz 0405 UR95, UR2000

Your attention is represented by 3 modifications of the bus MB O405. In general, the bus is quite similar to the MB O405 Camo in terms of sound quality, tidy and cabin. Since the quality of...


Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz 0405 Camo N2

Your attention is the bus MB O405 Camo N2. In general, the bus is quite similar to the MB O405 Camo in terms of sound quality, tidy and cabin. Of the serious drawbacks: the overall quality...


Omsi2 – MAN 18.310 CNG Caetano

The modification contains a single and articulated version of the bus Man 18.310 CNG Caetano. The single version also has several modifications of the bus, differing gearbox. For the rest (salon, etc.) details of all models...


Omsi2 – MAN NG313 Lion’s City STCP

Your attention is the articulated bus MAN NG313 Lion’s City STCP. The bus is performed to the Portuguese realities. Installation requires: Throw the Lion’s City STCP MAN NG313 file into the Vehicles folder. Important: Addon Bremen-Nord may be...


Omsi2 – Man Lion’s City ULL A25 Beta

Beta version of MAN Lion’s City ULL A25 bus is presented to your attention.  The site of the authors of the mod  For installation it is required:  Transfer the MAN Lion’s City ULL...


Omsi2 – Neobus Thunder

Good Brazilian minibus. The light works, the doors open, the board works. There is a collective farm and in addition there are buns that we used to see on the beads from our authors.  Of the...


Omsi2 – PAZ 32054 Restyling

Restyled version of the PAZ 32054 bus based on 32054 from the OPC team. Differs in the front and rear parts of the body. Critical bugs are not noticed. The driver’s door opens normally. There is a small...