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ZiU-620520 Bus Omsi2

ZiU-620520, a trolleybus with an accordion. I’ll tell you right away a model of average quality, but I want to remind you that this is a trolleybus, of which there are few in Omsi. Advantages...


Collective farm on Maz-103.486 Omsi2

I present to your attention the collective farm on MAZ-103.486 What was added:1) Caps2) Braid3) Blinds4) Rug5) Stickers6) Fog lights7) Sign “To the garage”If I forgot to add something, do not scold me just...


Paz 3204 Collective Farm Omsi2

Hello everyone!I decided to share with you an addition to the PAZ 3204 in the form of cylinders with methane and other buns. Methane cylinders, curtains, a Russia pennant in the form of a...


Baz A079.14 Bus Omsi2

Baz A079.14 bus for Omsi 2. Modified sounds,Scripts, auto clutch,Door animations,Working stoves in the cabin. There is a jamb with a hatch, but I was too lazy to fix it, so as time will...


Ikarus 280.33 Bus Omsi2

Ikarus 280.33 bus for Omsi 2. This mod is a rework of the Citybus i280.02 addon from BusTrainz.The rework itself is of good quality and well optimized.The mod comes with the i280.02 add-on, but...


Omsi2 – Chavdar 11M3 / 11G5 Bus

Chavdar 11M3 / 11G5 | Chavdar 11M3 / 11G5 Bus for Omsi 2. Five versions of the most popular Bulgarian buses:11G5 with interior doors11G5 with outside doors11G5 with one door11M3 – local11M3 Various bus...


Omsi2 – GMC LF12E Bus V3

GMC LF12E bus for Omsi 2. GIANNIS MOTOR COMPANY Special thanks Denis Ganev, G. Nedyalkov & Lemonje. Modification for LiAZ 5292.22-77. Made in Bulgaria. Gearbox : Automatic