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Omsi2 – GMC LF12E Bus V3

GMC LF12E bus for Omsi 2. GIANNIS MOTOR COMPANY Special thanks Denis Ganev, G. Nedyalkov & Lemonje. Modification for LiAZ 5292.22-77. Made in Bulgaria. Gearbox : Automatic


Omsi2 – LiAZ 5292.60 MSK and MO

LiAZ 5292.60 MSK and MO bus for Omsi 2. Liaz 5292.60, motor YMZ-536111.Alteration of LiAZ 5292.22 automatic transmission.From tuning, plates.2 versions, Moscow and Moscow region, differ in stickers in the cabin. Gearbox: Automatic


Omsi2 – Laz E183A1 Update V0.1

Laz E183A1 bus for Omsi 2. LAZ E183A1 Update 0.1 is released. Not the final version.The mod is based on the LAZ А183 bus from Vitaly.L.The author of the sound materials is Elay Transportnick.The...


Omsi2 – Blue – Bird Type C Beta

Blue – Bird Type C school bus for Omsi 2. The model is interesting because it is one of a kind. Pretty raw so far. Perhaps someone will undertake to finish. It has a manual transmission without...


Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312 (Hurma)

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312 (Hurma) for Omsi 2. What this collective farm includes:DisksSeatsSheatMat on the dashboard HeadrestsDHOShelves over the seatsTransparent tintingCorners on the glassAlso there was a screen-camera Enjoy your trips!


Omsi2 – Svarz-Maz 6275 Bus V1.0

Svarz-Maz 6275 Bus for Omsi 2. The trolleybus SVARZ-MAZ 6275 was made on the basis of MAZ 203T.It was made mainly for the map of Kostroma and Samara. The trolleybus is of good enough...


Omsi2 – NefAZ 5299-17-32 Bus V0.1

NefAZ 5299-17-32 bus for Omsi 2. NefAZ 5299-17-32, Cummins engine. For a comfortable game, the model is equipped with a Voith GMP (it was not installed on a real bus).The model is crude, there is...