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Omsi2 – Technobus Tribus 4

Technobus Tribus 4 for Omsi2. Technobus Tribus 4 – is not one and a whole pack of buses, which differ among themselves kind of instrument panel, engine, gearbox. By the way there is both...


Omsi2 – Repainting of Hungarian Carriers for Citybus i280

All renamed me to work on our systems. Installation: OMSI 2/Vehicles / Citybus_by_Bustrainz/Texture/Repaints_02 Contains the following custom: Balaton Volán, Veszprém, DUL-003 Borsod Volán Hajdú Volán, Debrecen, DUA-651 Hajdú Volán, Debrecen, Metánbusz, GLA-203 Hatvani Volán,...


Omsi2 – Technobus Tribus – Superbus 2

Technobus Tribus – Superbus 2 for Omsi2. Another model of the bus Technobus. In the package there are 2 versions of Tribus and Superbus with index 2. Among themselves, basically, they differ by the...


Omsi2 – Estrela Dalva Map

Estrela Dalva Map for Omsi2. Você não precisa ter a versão 1.0 ou 1.6 a versão 2.0 já vem completa, basta baixar e atualizar com o mapa com a ailist mais leve. O mapa...


Omsi2 – Starobelsk Map

Starobelsk Map for Omsi2. Starobelsk – fictional map inspired by Russian tram systems. Now there are 4 routes on the map: tram: №3 Ivanovskaya str . – 1 quarter # 4 beacon hill –...


Omsi2 – Alteration of MAZ 103.965

Alteration of MAZ 103.965 for Omsi2. Full zapechek and scan for MAZ 103.965. The archive is completely finished bus. WHEN DISTRIBUTING TO OTHER RESOURCES TO INDICATE THE AUTHORS! Author zabecki:Mkivenko Tuning: У695АВ(Oleg Chernikov S.)...