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Omsi2 – NefAZ 5299.20.33 Remake 2.1

NefAZ 5299.20.33 Remake mod for Omsi2. Remake, differs from the original in that there is a completely present baking. A new model of seals, as well as smoothing some of the details and models...


Omsi2 – LiAZ-5256.53-01 (2010-2012) 1.0

LiAZ-5256.53-01 (2010-2012) 1.0 bus for Omsi2. The ReadMe did not paint, only describing the gist in a few pages, because the main functionality of the model remains the same, which has and will have...


Omsi2 – Nysa Map V0.01

Nysa Map for Omsi2. NYSA – PROJEKT NUMER JEDEN A small Polish map from Russian developers. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a small fictional Polish town. In this version, the current route number 10...


Omsi2 – Redesign of Mercedes-Benz O305

Redesign of Mercedes-Benz O305 for Omsi2. The author’s adaptation of the Mercedes-Benz O305, with significant improvements. In the cockpit there was a radio tape recorder, also now the bus has new wheels and the...


Omsi2 – LiAZ 52565 Modified

LiAZ 52565 Modified for Omsi2. In the finalization there is: Glasses for headlights, fog lights for workers (turn on from the torpedo), my translucent curtains and 3 replicas for real cars (Lenenergo, Samara and...


Omsi2 – Addition for LAZ-DAZ

Addition for LAZ-DAZ. A small modification to the Laz-Daz 695NG from Vitali Lagutin. In the finalization there is: displaced HBO, some textures are replaced. For repainting with a new HBO, use the shadow mask...