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Omsi2 – VER Wagen 316

VER Wagen 316 bus mod for Omsi2. A fairly good bus accordion VER Wagen 316 for Omsi. Which in general is Mercedes o530G, only edited. What has changed in it: recycled dashboard, new scripts...


Omsi2 – Russian voice of grandmothers

Russian voice of grandmothers sound mod for Omsi2. This addition adds Russian voice acting to grandmothers (which I never found). Do not judge strictly… The nature of grandmothers made grumpy and scandalous (without a...


Omsi2 – VeFans Bus 18

VeFans Bus 18 mod for Omsi2. Suffice it is not a bad Chinese bus VeFans Bus 18 for omsi 2. The texture of the bus baked. The bus has something that surprises you in...


Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz O405N2 (by Julian)

Mercedes-Benz O405N2 mod for Omsi2. Bus: Mercedes-Benz O405N2. Sounds: Each modification has its own sound. The main thing that differs from Mercedes-Benz O405N  this is its HD sounds. There is nothing to download, the...


Omsi2 – Kalsburg V.1.1 [Stadt & Land]

Kalsburg V.1.1 [Stadt & Land] map for Omsi2. Kalsburg ist eine Stadt mit Dörfern und Überlandlinien. Unsere Map Kalsburg hat insgesamt 7 Linien [Linie 6,7,8,9,79,161,und ein SEV] Ihr könnt alle Straßen befahren außer eine....